Privacy Policy

There is no reason to enter your personal information anywhere on this site. You would generally have to work quite hard to do so anyway (e.g. access pages to the rhythm of your name in morse code). Please don't.

There is some information involuntarily provided when you visit any web site, such as the IP address it is coming from, and what you are requesting from the server. This data is used in order to send the requested web data back to you. This data can in principle be used to get an idea who you are and what you were looking at.

This web site is hosted in Australia, and such data is therefore may be subject to various demands for data by a variety of Australian government entities. Intermediate telecommunications companies and the other usual suspects may be able to intercept the data en route (particularly if you do not use https) or get telemetry from your computer.

Some of this data may be logged by me for server maintenance reasons. There is no intention to keep this data long term and it is periodically deleted during maintenance.

Some sites allow entering sequence identifiers. If these are not already present in my database, they will be downloaded from the NCBI. This will implicitly transmit information to the NCBI (a third party) about the existence of someone being interested in that sequence. If you were inclined to type your bank account password (don't!) in that sequence box, and it happened to look like a valid NCBI identifier, it would be automatically sent to the NCBI for downloading.

This site does not need or use cookies or equivalent.

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